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Udacity has a great deal of online courses related to software and tech. We would really recommend taking a look at the following free courses. Not only do we use these technologies intensively in CAUV, they are also great fun to learn.


If you are interested in software but don't know have much experience yet, Python is the language to learn. Most of our software is written in Python, and it is one of the most beginner friendly programming languages.

ROS - Robot Operating System -

ROS is a framework we use to manage communications between the many control units and sensors housed within the AUV. These tutorials are a little more involved and are great for those of you who are seeking a challenge.

KiCad - PCB Design -

We use KiCad to do all the designing for the various PCBs needed on the AUV. It is completely open source and offers most of the features used by the electronics industry.